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Our professionals stand out from preparations to commissioning, we love to work in an organized way and are dedicated to perfecting all the services we provide constantly. We care to provide all the means for our customers and always thinking about what best suits their requirements.

Our services are creditable through secure means of payment, you can select several types of payment model, among which are payments by paypal, transfers by AirTM or equivalents in dollar blue of the amount to various accounts bank in Argentine Pesos or by Argentine Mercado Pago for CVU.

To order a technical assignment we advise you to make a quote of your task or project and thus obtain a budget to evaluate.

All our orders are handled with custom customer budgets, where we require that we comment on the whole global idea and our team will make you a basic budget of initiative. Where time, money and a list of tasks to be performed, attaching to packaging necessary to carry out work, require contracting packages?, require license?, the more detail, the more efficient it will be to bring the proposal to reality of your requirement.

We provide to work different types of solutions, from means to manage the needs of our customers as a task pane to work and practice. Any communication by ticketing system support and contracting required by customer.

First of all it should be clarified that being an entrepreneur is not for anyone, now if we continue, the problem of spending, throwing or burning money on services of novices with platforms full of problems is that it is your business that will have that thing that they usually call "low-cost hosting"

The MCH guarantee is a guarantee provided from the MCH value-added platform, this is responsible for helping any entrepreneur who has their account in it and will provide you with relevant data about the status of their asset on the Internet, so that the company can manage an improvement of their service and / or require a more advanced subscription as appropriate.

The currency in which we convert payments month after month is USD or its equivalent into dollar blue

The payment methods we accept AirTM or PayPal in USD.

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