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With the start of the pandemic, problems are exposed

Entrepreneurship is a complex task on a day-to-day basis, but when these issues are discussed, everything remains in a passage to reorder things the way we see it in real life.

Facebook was a very good platform to work in previous years, at the time when they did not apply so many abstractions of artificial intelligence to carry out their business, one of the lousy decisions we considered from our team, previous years where it was thought that it could be an alternative, we have seen more than one acquaintance who has this type of problems.

Facebook has automated many of its stages and the pieces of work are in a part where development is not carried out to solve the needs of its customers, but to take advantage of all these resources that its users share every day.

The problem is to believe that you or your company have already become too big to fail, when in fact you operate in an environment in which everything can change based on absolutely capricious and arbitrary parameters, from one day to the next.

A reality Facebook depends on a company that has a platform that is on fire, it has shown in recent years communications problems and closing corporate production accounts, one of the situations that affect millions of entrepreneurs in the world.

The game is simple, everyone starts using it and they start to abuse power by possessing private information and become the all-powerful of your life, knowing how, when and how you work, they learn a lot about yourself.

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