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Subject in Mercado Libre SRL "We suspend your account", What is happening with this platform?

Hello everyone is a taste greet you, I want to tell you that today has been presented for one of our customers

"We suspend your account"

"We suspend your account"

As it is known that the company is making this type of restrictions increasingly common in the e-commerce platform. Some users who made their complaints with this matter are:

(180) How to Reactivate Your Suspended Mercadolibre Account (Fast and Legal) — YouTube (Spanish lang speake)

In this video the user explains how Mercado Libre SRL restricts access without arguable reason and generates disintay in this matter. The problem is that the company does not know how to correctly manage this type of issues and generates distrust with entrepreneurs who are currently putting their trust in systems such as "Mercado Pago" as a virtual wallet solution, but it is the best known and has this type of risks present.

So far in the pandemic it is known that many entrepreneurs have been presented with delays and setbacks in deliveries, where these arguments are apparently automated and accounts are blocked without the possibility of accessing the data and being able to carry out some procedures.

A purchase, the account suspended and without access to the shipping data or the possibility of accessing to manage the pending.

As far as the purchase account is concerned with the date our client does not have access to the management and follow-up this taking into account that he has a pending shipment in progress. Would you put your trust in a company that does not express itself with great interests towards its users and treats them as simple numbers?

The rise of new payment platforms in contrast to the first signs of loss of trust of some complicated payment platforms.

Managing sales on a day-to-day basis is increasingly complicated to generate sales and ecommerce is a solution and the different alternatives to process payments are present, but when there are these types of adverse situations this generates skepticism in users. Not to lose hope, Mercado Libre's competitors are currently presenting themselves as a powerful opportunity to replace it definitively.

In conclusion, when using payment platforms it is important not to depend on a payment processor and not to entrust the funds completely to a single platform, because those who generate that money are not companies like "Mercado Libre SRL" or the "Banco Fulano de Tal" but ourselves, that is why we are careful with these applications that usually have very complicated problems.

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