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It is incredible that to date this company does not take consideration for the buyer users and entrepreneurs who put their trust in it, Mercado Libre SRL as a response in the first instance has sent an email:
A survey immediately to apparently assess the mood of the platform's consumer customer.

After a while they sent us this email notifying us that we had access to a "certain part", simply the following:

We enable your account exclusively so that you can withdraw your available balance. To do so, enter the Mercado Pago site, click on 'Withdraw money' and select a bank account of your preference to make the transfer.

All communication without the possibility of feedback, do not allow to send, much less a communication as appropriate to make queries, nor a reliable transactional means to carry out a pleasant and cordial dialogue.

In short, it is more than cold, its contact is completely alexitérico with the final consumer who are the ones who provide a real foundation of reality and to whom it owes us to continue operating.

Meanwhile the shipment pending the purchase we made in Mercado Libre SRL of which we have no news to date, with one last notice:

Subject in Mercado Libre SRL
Subject in Mercado Libre SRL "We suspend your account", Notice of "Your purchase is on the way"

Mercado Libre SRL has not been interested to date in resolving any situation, where it does not even allow to carry out procedures to follow up on the "Purchase made on the platform" where we place the fabric order to complete some pending orders from customers who are waiting.

They do not have any legitimate interest in the final consumer, their purpose is to invoice in a bestial way, without regularizing, without apparently caring about the final consumer and / or considering in the customers who depend on the raw material to make the pending garments ("Products that require finishing with the purchased fabric").
Is Mercado Libre SRL really interested in its users?

It is important to consider that this is not the first time that some of our clients are presented with these problems, where previously in the time of 2011–2013 there were also similar problems, the last golden years of Mercado Libre SRL,but they did not desy from as many restrictions as the current ones since at that time they still did not operate as a Virtual Wallet with CVU as at present.

It is understood as a legitimate interest when making a query to the company it responds to the queries made, regardless of how, where or when it is important that it is present by any means to take a step to seek interestedly to resolve this matter.

You can use your account as always We review the information you filled out and it's all set. You can sell in Mercado Libre, receive money for Mercado Pago or use the prepaid card as always. Greetings, the Mercado Pago team
You can use your account as always, "Restricted access to the site without the possibility of reviewing, managing and much less following up on the purchase we make within the website

One of the things that catches our attention is the cynicism in which a company of such characteristics moves, it does not have the interest of managing sales separately, Are they now going to restrict the purchase of a user by a primitive hunch?, without a foundation that complements it?

Subject in Mercado Libre SRL "We suspend your account": Hello, Juan manuel, We enable your account exclusively so that you can withdraw your available balance.

The tracking code that they gave me after a storm from Twit's to Mercado Libre SRL asking them for explanations and a resolution of the problem that does not have much logic, because a purchase was made that by the way has remained unfinished and they do not allow access to manage it from the system because it presents this result:

We suspended your account We had to suspend your account because we detected irregular behavior in your operations. If you have any questions, please contact us. Go to Home Page
"We suspend your account"

Where Mercado Libre SRL does not mention, does not enable and does not allow the management of the shipment by presenting us with a locked screen within the site. In which we were able to access the proof of purchase in the next transaction.

According to Mercado Pago the credited purchase order arrives today Thu Sep 30 13:44:59 -03 2021 but we still do not have access to the detail and / or tracking of the order.
Stagnant purchase in Mercado Libre SRL with Subject in Mercado Libre SRL "We suspend your account",these were the first results of the claim the day after claiming on Twitter where he alleges that the order arrives today Thu Sep 30 13:44:59 -03 2021

A suspended account and an unfinished purchase and a company called "Mercado Libre SRL" that does not offer an answer, that is what to date Thu Sep 30 13:44:59 -03 2021 we do not have any type of communication that gives us the security that is a secure platform leaving exposed a large number of gaps that reflect a clear and low interest in its users and end consumers as well as in the entrepreneurs and merchants.

One of the reasons why we expose this for the whole society

At present it simply offers us a communication when roasting where its answers are through external influences, notes where we describe the event and based on our pressure externally exposing the matter to all this ("Mercado Libre SRL") a colossus of Ecommerce,answers are made to what we forge and evidence in our notes through all our available channels to position it in Google and that more users are make recognition of the problem and know how they act and see that it is more convenient for them when it comes to carrying out claims and how to train them based on this experience exposed in our threads.

One of the big questions is, will Mercado Libre respond as it should be and resolve this matter?, we will write the next updates of the progress of this claim that we present to Mercado Libre SRL.

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