Visión general del proyecto

Consisting of a website designed to present in a simplified way all the applications of the shifts, where one of the most outstanding tasks was to generate a brand positioning. We create a website where it consists of data from institutional commerce, thinking about the services offered, we include a support ticket and a form to make shift reservations from the web in a simplified way totally online.

From the control panel customers can access queries and request shifts in a simplified way, everything is registered in the system and in an attached way we give access to a user to follow up adding that we perform SEO positioning of the business.


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  • Nombre de la empresa cliente:
    Taller Walter Mecanica en Posadas
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  • Comentario del cliente:
    We have the website working, it was really very easy, we made the payment and we were contacted to finalize the details everything was very simple and we can coordinate more professionally from the website.


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