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Project Overview

As one of our first tasks we are tasked with creating the image of the business to position it, in a professional way that reflects security with consumers of the 2014 era, this was a challenge, because we focus on the need of our client and at the same time build trust with the world of our client's consumers.

Our team after a large number of options I think Enline starting with a stratagic naming, little obate within the digital. Then we move on to creating the logo, but focusing on the essence of the brand.

One of the most interesting features was that we created an imposing design, nonexistent for the time, but adding that it was quite well influenceable on the networks with our ads taken in a well-accepted way.

The construction of the page also carried out some changes and work that required to be carried out to manage to present, always looking to create a presence and an environment that reflects the professionalism of our customers who are currently working in production.


  • Client Name:
    Pedro V
  • Client Company Name:
    Enline Laptop Repair Service
  • Project Start Date:
  • Project End Date:
  • Client Comment:
    Enline Laptop Repair Service is a project that has been born for several years with the intension to improve the quality of end customers who have their computers, computers and systems in optimal operation but before hiring Hexome we did not know how to carry out the idea. In which after several issues we draw an interest in common, providing the best services to the consumers of our services, in this the project is born, we hire the team of hexome to do the magic in the brand and obtain results. They always provided us with quality designs, unique services, we can't replace them to date, the costs are not to fall in love, but we've been making up the investment ever since.


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