Businesses today conduct their business in the cloud, often not considered as a need of importance the state of the same, but that becomes relevant when situations happen as a clear example "Offline Sites", "Errors 0500" and other unexpected situations to take the website forward.

One of the most defined features of Hexome Cloud is synonymous with value-added services, this is something that intervenes positively in any project, business and / or function that is required to know how it works in production.

You can take advantage of any subscription of our team include the user dashboard where you will gain access to information about the status of your business with our team, where you can record response status, query and/or verify different types of needs, from availability to building queries from the system, applying constant monitoring, accessing performance statistics and defining whether you need to improve your business or if further improvements are needed. Imagine a figurative situation, if there is a problem on the server, you would be informed of the status, you would directly know if it really requires attention and / or know the general state of latency of your business and / or company which is what web applications are on the Internet.

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