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Juan Manuel Villalba


fat eats books, I have carried fanaticism by electronics since the (Year 1995) 7 years, repairing my first radio to transistors at (Year 1997) 9 years with the help of some technical books of the time.

When I started there were no computers, it was to go to the library, the video games of the 80s and TVs with kinescopes the fat screens, my fanaticism for video games has led me to take my first steps as a technician, after not having the necessary resources to buy the courses then 1800 usd of school english that proposed 40 great videos to learn , but that did not get in the way of my anxiety to know, learn and conquer results.

(Year 2003)  I started to hold meetings and study electronics, my ambition to know more, even pointing to the teacher of that time "I am not interested in titles, I just want to learn", starting to achieve goals and make my first repairs "teles full of donated cockroaches and hands to work"

(Year 2005) Beyond computers and my fanaticism for getting the first 386x machines always look to have to have the first ones armed with old machines, freting and discovering a number of situations and complications typical of fucking with the famous "bagallos" (it is said of a device with many problems)

Employee stage:

 (Year 2007) After finishing the specialization workshops also finishing the year of computing as an intern and acquiring a lot of knowledge and experimenting with something that has made me passionate that is computing I started working on something called "Mobile Solutions", in its time we started repairing terminals like the famous "Nokia 1100 and Motorola C115" where I started making hardware repairs and spent two years managing to work on software , but it wasn't 3 years later that I achieved independence as a self-employed.

Stage as an independent

(Year 2010) Then providing technical services to Mobile Solutions and having experimented in other companies, the day came to become independent and start exploring new sites, in which we began to make our first repair site and exploring that it had many situations, which forced us to get into a pre-disciplined way to adopt all the methods of innovation and force ourselves to look for new routes to reinvent ourselves , it was like a pandemic at the age of 22, where we started to carry out new strategies and began to explore, my ease is self-study, applying dissipline the reason for passion to work.

(Year 2011) After some adverse situations we saw ourselves in the decision to reinvent ourselves for different reasons, I began to know the resources in the cloud and we started to make the first web pages in times where the SNI did not exist, we were the first in Missions to have Secure Servers before other service providers know them, we were also scamming, the service provider one day we were notified that all the sites made and the efforts invested were not much , we spent a total of 2300 US USD but they only gave us a backup that then I was forced to perform other actions such as starting to import more by local servers, where exploring a lot, taking advantage that already has knowledge from debian 5 and all the small dsl of 50 megas and obviously know millions of options existing in this complex world , where with the help of some books and quite dedication I was able to better understand how these wonderful machines work, it was like being a part of it.

(Year 2013) I already had my first servers, old notebooks, making some trips establishing "Starting with Fedora 21" was a great system, in this I recognized thousands of interesting situations, I think in my lab I enjoyed a lot accessing this notebook that by the way did not have "keyboard", "trackpad" and was only accessed from the shell line, it was interesting to use for good times the cmus to perform streaming and clear , all the experiments that I came up with until good happened to carry out my first projects on the web and always bringing optimism, I recognize that I have explored all the cloud service providers and worked with each of them, such as the P2C Payment for Content, it was really interesting everything that was done in an exciting way , the web has many things that many people underestimate. 

(Year 2014) Funde Hexome, with the oldest logo, was really something that helped me get the first customers, carry on and delegate tasks in a more innovative and coordinated way. Everything was part of the DRP support that we implemented to innovate due to situations that we lived during 2013 such as when our service provider came up with the mistake of storing the data on the same disk that applied the websites, everything was really tragic, we lost a year and a half of that time.

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