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Why is NFO positioning important?

Have you ever wondered why companies currently have a more pronounced need to achieve results with NFO positioning?, for a few years due to the large number of users and due to the facebook exist as one of the most important social networks in the world are much more interested in achieving a more advanced NFO positioning.

but what is NFO positioning?

NFO positioning is the activity that allows a company to position itself within Facebook in different ways. Allows to be seen by more users

As you will see social networks are an enigma for many, this is because the Company Facebook is very dynamic and ends up changing its strategies to continue its advances, this makes the products of this company make it more efficient and flexible with unexpected changes.

The Facebook Feed is a challenge for many companies that currently spend millions to reach the public, an active and constant public, which spends a lot of time on the networks, but highlighting the current COVID19 crisis, this is forced by many to be confined to their homes to maintain a quarantine, in this the home office is the star, but it should be noted that there are many areas that need to be reviewed , so NFO positioning is one of the activities that will make the company achieve results that with other options such as Ads or other means are not obtained.


Let's talk about algorithms and changes in the behavior patterns of the Facebook company so that we see this as through different mechanisms limits are applied to different channels.

The limitations are of different types, but it should be noted that we also have catalysts that allow us to achieve changes in Facebook's Ahia technologies. To better understand this we must look like a brain to Facebook, this is a machine that allows us to perform iterations with the other users, to achieve a result you must do certain actions that allow the Facebook algorithm to generate a reaction, for sure we do not have data of the exact functioning of it, but we can perform tests on our own to see what works and how it works.

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This makes this company's products more efficient and flexible with unexpected changes to Facebook's algorithm

From posts like to any kind of iterations are tied to something that we call overflow limit protocols onwards LCO, the LCO is a very ingenious system that Facebook has used to limit the spam activity that no human really wants, it is created so that when a function is used in a way that the LCO believes you are taking over in an excessive way , then it will apply a rule about your personal or business account, this is a system that allows Facebook to create different methods that through artificial intelligence will limit to the maximum all uses that are not authorized on the community policies of its platform.

It really is great, this makes the whole process even more interesting, because it will limit any type of action to take longer to analyze it and gives the company time to measure many things, it is a very intelligent way to manage its resources and really respectable.

In the case of our companies there is never a lack of a "tip" (who is a newly started user on the networks), after several publications we see that it disappears, well this is because the LCO has detected a pattern of spammer behavior and has blacklisted it, most likely that no matter how real the profile does not recover it, but in the same way this is an explanation of what happens , affects many entrepreneurs who do not know the social network and do not know how to make the most of it.

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