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Project Overview

During the contracting we are asked to create a brand between which different changes were made and apply updates over time, as well as the creation of the website.

From the team we have created different types of improvements among which are the campaigns for social networks, where our collaborators have created different types of actions to create a greater positive engagement so that the brand is recognized quickly.

The website has a section to quote and receive inquiries for repairs, sort and filter so that all actions are on terminals than the equipment and provide improved support for customers.

We develop different types of solutions, a complete ticket support to carry out the arrangements and a system to follow up from the website.

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    Desde el comienzo hasta la fecha nos han brindado acompa├▒amiento, creando todos los contenidos de redes sociales, posicionamiento SEO y diferentes acciones que nos han dado la oportunidad de establecernos como los mas notorios de nuestro area local. Realmente recomendamos a Hexome, son muy profesionales.


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