Often terms can be easily confused by similar terminologies by IT executives who are constantly under pressure to integrate the methodology.

One of them is the IaC or Infrastructure as Code. In the developer universe, the main assets are platafomas, servers and contained systems in which different types of applications are implemented these that can be scaled.

The infrastructure is mainly a broader area, where organized, more robust software must be applied and different solutions that take up security terms, networks and that are apart from the already included conventional computing, this is outside what we usually call digital transformation, the continuous implementation processes support the possibility of generating optimizations of IT and business leaders looking to be outside conventional digital transformations since the Code is a powerful asset that brings super powers to any company that exploits it with the help of a team of hexome cloud professionals. Similarly exploring these areas involves expenses, investment, which should be focused, due to the high complexity of it, but as the main benefit are the optimizations and efficiency of the system as a final result but that they must focus on a structure of assigned projects, also reconsider that each of the tasks carried out should be applied different types of methodologies necessary to apply them on a priority angle to have an acceptable initial prototype that is functional in case of an application or improvement program from a system diagnosis with one of our specialized consultants. One of the greatest benefits of creating a tracked project structure allows your company to be visualized, monitored and reused, as well as used as a schematic for new solutions in the future.

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