What are corporate project management?

Business projects can be called by many different names, such as internal projects, administrative projects, and functional projects. It is important to note that all projects, regardless of type, must meet certain criteria to be considered projects. The two main requirements are that they are temporary and unique. This means that they have a defined end date and are not repeatable and continuous tasks.

There are many names to call projects, and project applications can be used in the following areas:

• Audit projects

• Administrative projects

• Evaluation projects

• Asset status projects

• Liability status projects

• Continuous improvement projects

• Quarterly suggestion evaluation projects

• Projects to implement new tools

• Internal management projects

To be considered a project they must apply unique, temporary criteria and be traceable over time, where it can be applicable to solve a problem, implement any requirement or create a link between the goal and the allocation of resources in an innovative way. To which it applies three variable classes in projects where they are classified by stratitive, operational and recurring projects, these help to make different improvements in the businesses within the timeless currentness of any business this is always applicable to solve specific needs that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

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